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Ally's Happy Arts welcomed by Arts by the Falls, Babylon Village, NY

What a great day for Ally's Happy Art

It was a beautiful day and Ally's Happy Arts was one of the exhibitors at "Art by the Falls" in Argyle Park, Babylon Village, NY. The art show features local Long Island artists and their art work. The event is organized by the Babylon Village Council for the Arts and took place on May 15, 2021, Saturday.

There were hundreds who attended, all ages and all eager to meet local Long island artists selling their original art. Our booth had music and Ally was dancing up a storm, pumping up the good energy at the show. The show was located parallel to the Main street, a busy throughway with plenty of onlookers honking and waving from their cars in delight with huge smiles as Ally danced with visitors and fellow vendors spreading joy and positivity.

Visitors who read Ally's Happy Art Banner would often walk into the booth saying "I love Happy Art and i want Happy art". Art enthusiasts loved the idea of spreading love and positivity through art and buying work that the Artist and the art buyer blesses together. Meaningful art for a meaningful shared experience with the artist and new owners of the art.

The sunny day and art drew in a crowd seeking to make a memorable day. Families with their children got balloons and free giveaways such as hand made talismans from Ally's Happy Art. Ally, "The people drawn to my art are newlyweds, couples to be, dynamic people who love colors, something fresh and unique, and want original art in their homes. I ask what they want in life and write a blessing on the back of the painting to remind them that goodness and joy prevails and will shine in their home".

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