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Ally's Story

From Inspiration to Creation - Global Tapestries

All the art on this website was created when my brother passed away in 2017. I stopped painting in 2019  when had a tragic fall that required me to have wrist surgery. Todate, my hand hasn't regained its full function to be able to paint the intricate details of calligraffiti I used to create. Today, I can not paint but I hope to return to art again one day.


I believe it is every person's birthright to pursue and find happiness. My work is colorful, multi-lingual and aims to bring you happiness. I hope my paintings remind you that despite the numerous challenges we may face in life,  we can triumph over difficult times. "Persevere, live life to the fullest, love and hug those you hold dear".


During the painting of these pieces of art, I write a positive affirmation on each blank canvas before I begin painting. My hope is that my work brings viewers joy, prosperity, good health, and wellness.  By spreading positive energy and inspiring people to love and share their joy with others, I feel happy.

Growing up in a multi-ethnic community was a golden experience for me. I am a wild cultural hybrid.  I was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens and Long Island, and lived in Switzerland and Turkey. Having friends from around the world, I believe"it is the beauty of diversity that makes our planet special. We are all brothers and sisters sharing this earth". 

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